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What features make for the best computer screen protector for privacy? First and foremost, these products should provide a high level of security against prying eyes, thanks to their polarization and narrow, 60-degree viewing angle.

They are also easy to install with a simple attach/detach process. The best options typically feature a cutout tab that allows you to easily handle the product. The best privacy film also offers a good amount of durability, so you won’t need to replace it after a short time

Keep reading to learn more about the best privacy screen protectors for computer monitors. You’ll also learn how to find the best option for your individual needs. You may even find one that’s good enough for the best gaming monitor for CS:GO.

Top Privacy Screen Protectors for Computer Monitors

#1 SightPro 24-inch Computer Privacy Screen for 16:9 Widescreen Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is great for users who prioritize privacy and appreciate a solution that is very easy to install. It reduces glare on a monitor and filters out harmful blue light.

This SightPro computer privacy screen filter is designed for computers with a screen size of 24-inches and a 16:9 aspect ratio. With a width of 532mm and a height of 299mm, the screen filter is designed to limit viewability to only 60° and is compatible with all the major monitor brands. The screen protector is also easy to apply and allows for two installation options. Users will either use clear adhesive tapes that attach to the computer screen or use slide mount tabs that stick to the display frame. Unfortunately, it might not be great for touchscreens because of the risk of misalignment during use.

The SlightPro privacy filter is excellent for maintaining privacy when using the computer in public, like if you want to peacefully game in public while using one of the best budget monitors for gaming. Since its packaging also includes a microfiber cleaning cloth, users will also be able to clean off smudges or fingerprints pretty quickly. The screen filter comes with UV protection to reduce the effect of harmful light on the user and reduce glare for a more comfortable viewing experience.

#2 Vintex 24-inch 16:9 Aspect Ratio Computer Privacy Screen Filter


WHY WE LIKE IT: Offers a very narrow viewing angle for ultimate privacy, is touchscreen compatible, and has an ultra-thin design. It also filters out harmful blue light and UV rays.


  • Ultra thin design
  • Is touchscreen compatible
  • Filters out UV and blue light


  • Might make content on screen look blurry

This 24-inch computer privacy screen protector from Vintez has an ultra-thin design and is perfect for users who want to maximize their privacy, thanks to its narrow 30° viewing angle. It is also designed to be compatible with all the different monitor brands and works by dimming the screen when viewed from the side. It also acts as a UV light filter that prevents up to 96% of UV light from getting to the eyes, and at the same time, filters out blue light by up to 65%. Buyers will also have the flexibility to choose the finish they want, as they’ll be able to flip it over depending on their wants and have either a matte or anti-glare finish. However, some have reported that the protector makes their screen look blurry.

Attaching it to a monitor can be done through two main methods. Owners could opt to use its attachment strips, or they could use slide mount tabs. Either way, installation should be done within minutes, and since the screen filter is also designed to block blue light and reduce glare, owners will also enjoy an improved viewing experience. The screen filter works for curved screens and is also touchscreen compatible.

#3 Kensington MP15 MacBook Pro Magnetic Privacy Screen


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is designed specifically for Apple Laptops, and its use of magnets makes for very easy installation. Plus, it’ll work perfectly with any leading Macbook Pro monitor.


  • Use of magnets allows for very easy installation
  • Very narrow 30° field of view
  • Includes a microfiber cloth for easy cleaning


  • Some have complained that laptop is difficult to close

The Kensington MP15 magnetic privacy filter is specifically designed for MacBook Pros and will work for Macbook pros released from 2016 to 2019. The filter works by integrating with magnets that are already built into its frame, and they limit the viewing angle to around 30°. Depending on their preference, buyers could decide to have either the matte finish or the glossy finish facing outwards. Since it also has a low reflective coating, glare from the outside is reduced to improve clarity. Unfortunately, some users found it difficult to close their laptops with them installed.

This screen privacy filter comes with a microfiber cloth for cleaning out smudges, and the filter itself also has a notch at the top center to not block the laptop’s camera and sensors. Users will also notice that the screen cover does not interfere with sleep mode, and it is also much easier to install compared to alternatives that will have users use adhesive tapes. The filter blocks out up to 22% of harmful rays, which helps reduce eye strain, especially over long-term use.

#4 EX-Pro Premium Privacy Screen Filter for 27-Inches Desktop Computer


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is easy to install and has a narrow viewing angle. It is also anti-scratch and comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth.


  • Can be installed through two methods
  • Very narrow viewing angle
  • Comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth


  • Not compatible with touchscreens

This Premium Privacy screen filter from EZ-Pro is perfect for users who own 27-inch monitors and want to limit screen visibility to only 30°. It has a straightforward installation process, where owners can choose from either sliding the screen filter on or off through its slide mount tabs or using its optically clear adhesive attachment strips. The filter also blocks out blue light while maintaining 100% color transmittance and comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth for removing any smudges or dirt spots. Still, it is not compatible with touchscreens.

The screen filter is also anti-glare to improve visibility and is also scratch-resistant to stay in good condition for an extended period. The filter also reduces exposure to blue light and comes with both wet and dry wipes to ensure no air bubbles remain during installation.

#5 Yakai 24-inch Computer Privacy Screen Filter for 24-inch 16:9 Aspect Ratio Widescreen


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is excellent for users who spend a lot of time on their monitors. It has narrow viewing angles and filters out harmful light for reduced eye strain.


  • Very easy to install
  • Has a narrow viewing angle
  • Filters out harmful light


  • May degrade image quality on screen

The 24-inch Yakai Computer Privacy screen filter is guaranteed to keep screen content private and limited only to the computer user. It is ideal for screens with an aspect ratio of 16:9, and since it filters out 97% UV light and 70% blue light, it is perfect for keeping eyes safe, especially for users whose work requires them to sit in front of a screen all day. This also results in reduced eye strain and helps improve sleep quality. Its only drawback is that it may degrade the image quality on the screen.

The computer screen filter is very easy to install, as users will have the option to either use clear adhesive strips that will attach securely to any computer screen or make use of the slide mount tabs that will easily stick to the computer’s frame. The screen filter will work with all the major monitor brands and is great for users who work in an open office.

#6 34-inch Computer Privacy Screen (21:9) Black Security Shield Desktop Monitor Protector


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is ideal for large-screen displays, and its high quality also improves on-screen protection. It provides a 60° viewing angle and maintains great image clarity.


  • Great for large screen monitors
  • Works with touchscreen displays
  • Maintains great image clarity


  • Screen filter does not sufficiently reduce glare

This Akamai 34-inch computer privacy screen protector is an excellent alternative for people who own large-screen monitors with an aspect ratio of 21:9. It is easily compatible with all the major monitor brands and is very easy to install. It comes with both blue light and anti-glare protection to improve eye health and works with touchscreen displays. It provides a 60° viewing angle and has been proven to maintain better image clarity than other alternatives. Despite that, some previous users have complained that the screen filter does not sufficiently reduce glare.

The screen filter is also guaranteed to protect the screen from dirt and any scratches, so it’ll stay looking nice and new for a long time after installation. The screen filter will also add a layer of physical protection to the screen and prevent any mild impact from causing severe damage.

Beginner’s Guide to Privacy Screen Protectors for Computer Monitors

What Are Privacy Screen Protectors for Computer Monitors?

More likely than not, your desktop monitor does include any kind of privacy. Plus, if you’ve purchased an option with a wide viewing angle, like an IPS display, pretty much anyone who walks by your desk will be able to see what’s on your screen. On top of all this, there aren’t many monitors with integrated privacy screens available today.

This is where privacy screen protectors come into play. These are thin panels of plastic that you place over your screen to limit the viewing angles and visibility of the actual display. And if you’re a victim of eye strain, you will also be interested in the best blue light screen protectors.

Privacy Screen Protectors for Computer Monitors vs. Traditional Computer Monitors

At first glance, the major difference between a privacy filter and a desktop monitor is the fact that the filter is a small piece of plastic and the monitor is a complete electronic device.

However, the most important difference between the two products is the fact that they filter light in completely different ways. Whereas a desktop computer monitor essentially lets all light through, a privacy filter is polarized to limit the viewing angles at which you can see the light.

If you’re sitting straight in front of your monitor with a privacy film installed, you’ll be able to see everything just fine. However, if you’re at an angle to the monitor, all you’ll see is a black screen.

How Privacy Screen Protectors for Computer Monitors Work

A polarized privacy screen uses the same technology as polarized glasses, called micro louvers. These micro louvers act like window blinds, which limit your vision depending on the angle at which they are open.

Once you attach your privacy screen protector to your computer monitor, it’s like you’re closing the blinds to everyone not sitting directly in front of the screen. Most privacy screens start partially blocking visibility at a 30-degree angle and completely blocking it at a 60-degree angle.

Do You Really Need a Privacy Screen Protector for Computer Monitors?

A privacy screen protector is not required for standard computer monitor usage. Your desktop display can function without one.

That said, if you’re seeking greater peace of mind, protecting sensitive information like business transactions, or trying to prevent a security breach, then a privacy screen is an absolute must.

Are Privacy Screen Protectors for Computer Monitors Worth Buying?

  • You Work in a Busy Office: If you work in high-traffic areas at a busy office, then a privacy filter is essential to maintaining your own security. Once installed, it will prevent people from walking by your desk and casually glancing over to see what’s on display.
  • You Work with Sensitive or Private Information: If your job requires you to work with protected information, then a privacy film can help you follow privacy policies set by your employer. That data is for your eyes only and a screen protector can prevent unwanted eyes from seeing something they shouldn’t.
  • You Are a Generally Private Person: Even if you aren’t required to keep information private, you may simply be a more private person, in general. If you’re worried about other people prying into your life, then a privacy screen is an excellent choice for you.

Why Privacy Screen Protectors for Computer Monitors May Not Be For You

  • You Need Wide Viewing Angles: Gamers and creative professionals often need wide viewing angles and higher screen brightness, both of which are limited when privacy screens are installed. If you need these image quality factors, a privacy screen protector may not be the best choice for you.
  • You Work Collaboratively Often: If you work collaboratively at your desk with other people on a regular basis and you need everyone present to be able to see the monitor, you may not want to install a privacy screen. Since only the person directly in front of the screen can see through the protector, it can limit your ability to work with others in this way.

How Long Will Privacy Screen Protectors for Computer Monitors Last?

Most privacy screen protectors will last for the entire lifespan of your computer monitor, which can be as long as 20 years, according to professionals like TechiExpert. However, this can change drastically depending on the type of protector you buy and how often you use it.

If you install a semi-permanent screen protector on your monitor, it will last much longer since you aren’t constantly attaching it and removing it. On the other hand, detachable screen protectors may not last as long simply due to how often you handle them.

If you plan on needing a privacy protector for extended periods of time, we recommend purchasing an option that is labeled as heavy-duty or extra durable.

How to Choose the Best Privacy Screen Protectors for Computer Monitors

If you’ve never purchased a privacy screen protector for your computer monitor before, then you might be feeling a little lost. Fortunately, the process doesn’t have to be difficult. The following tips can help you find the best product for your needs.

Privacy Screen Protectors for Computer Monitors Key Factors to Consider

1. Do you have a desktop computer or laptop computer?

Privacy screen protectors come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations. Whether you have a desktop computer or laptop will help you determine which type of product to purchase.

In general, you’ll be fine purchasing an option labeled to match the type of monitor you use. For example, with a laptop, look for a screen protector that specifically indicates it’s meant for use with laptops.

The laptop display vs. desktop display question can also help inform your decision surrounding durability and attachment methods. We’ll discuss both of these points further in-depth in the following questions.

2. What screen size does your monitor feature?

Most privacy screen protectors are labeled with a product description that informs you of which screen sizes they fit. However, it’s important you know your monitor’s screen size before you ever start to read product descriptions.

To determine your monitor’s screen size, use a tape measure to measure the distance from corner to corner diagonally. This is the measurement that most monitors and accessories will use to describe screen size.

If you’re looking at a universal privacy film, you may also need to measure the height and width of your computer screen. The universal options will usually give you a range of screen sizes for which they’ll fit, as well as the height and width measurements to ensure you’re purchasing the right one.

3. What attachment method works best for your personal computer usage habits?

The way your privacy filter attaches to your computer monitor is also an important factor to consider. In general, there are two main ways you can install the privacy screen:

  • Semi-permanent attachment: Semi-permanent privacy protectors are installed directly onto your monitor’s glass, much like screen protectors for cell phones. They can be uninstalled eventually, but they are best used for people who need constant privacy and protection. If you need protection for a curved monitor, these options tend to be more versatile.
  • Temporary attachment: Privacy filters most commonly use temporary ways to attach to your monitor. Some nestle into your monitor’s frame and prop themselves up. Others use clips, hooks, or suction cups to attach to the top of your monitor. This method is the most user-friendly, especially for people who only need short moments of privacy screen protection.

4. How durable do you need your screen protector to be?

Most privacy film options offer a standard level of thickness and durability. These perform well for most people, but if you constantly attach and detach your protector, then you may need to consider something with more durability.

Protectors with a thicker design are going to be more durable than anything else, but they’ll also be harder to store and carry around with you. These are perfect for desktop applications.

If you use a laptop privacy screen protector, you will likely only be able to use thin models. This will increase portability but decrease overall durability.

5. Do you need to protect your screen from damage as well?

If you need physical screen protection, many privacy protectors can help. We recommend purchasing a privacy filter that you install directly onto your screen, instead of one that sits in front of it. This way, you’ll get close protection against scratches and other damage.

If you’re looking for physical protection, we also recommend only purchasing a product that outright states it can protect your monitor.

Best Privacy Screen Protector for Computer Monitors | Top Filters (2024)
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